Dessert Topped with Pecans

Go ahead and indulge with desserts topped with pecans. Delicious, crunchy, nutritious pecans can be used in many satisfying desserts.


Yummy Rum Pound Cake

INGREDIENTS CAKE: 1 cup Pecan Meal 1 Box Butter Recipe Yellow Cake Mix 1 Small box instant vanilla pudding 4 ...
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Simple Pecan Pie

Ingredients 1 refrigerated piecrust shell 1 Cup light corn syrup ¾ Cup granulated sugar 1/3 Cup butter 4 eggs, beaten ...
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Gluten-free Pecan Cake

Gluten free pecan cake with an orange blossom water and pecan syrup. Cake Ingredients: 1 c sugar 3 eggs 1 ...
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Banana Pecan Strudel

Serves one (if you’re lucky enough to be home alone) Ingredients: Phyllo Dough 1 to 2 Bananas (preferably red bananas) ...
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Gluten and Sugar-Free Pecan Sandies

A sandy is a classic, crispy, pecan butter cookie. This version is totally sugar-free, gluten-free, and, thus, guilt free. Recipe ...
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Sugar Spiced Pecans

These Sugar Spiced Pecans are toasted and spiced with cinnamon to perfection and make a sweet treat for dessert! Ingredients: 1 lb ...
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Classic Pecan Pie

Crust: Ingredients: 1 ¼ cup flour 1 tbsp. cornmeal ½ cup butter, cut in cubes ½ tsp. salt 3-4 tbsp ...
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Pecan Phyllo Rolls

Pecan Phyllo Rolls are a sweet treat made from pecan meal and cinnamon with a fresh lemon juice and sugar ...
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Pecan Apricot Brown Sugar Cookie

This Pecan Apricot Brown Sugar Cookie was conceived by Chef Kami Smith, Corporate Pastry Chef, Dawn Food Products and features honey, ...
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praline sauce

Pecan Praline Sauce

This pecan praline sauce is the perfect addition to a nice cold bowl of ice cream or served over a ...
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