Start your day with pecans in a variety of luscious breakfast dishes.

Breakfast Panini with Georgia Pecans, Cheddar and Sausage

Panini are Italian sandwiches, generally pressed and pan-grilled, made with a variety of fillings, especially leftovers. While a panini-maker or ...
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Spinach Pecan Quiche

½ lb. spinach (raw or cooked and well-drained) 1 T. butter (melted) 8 slices bacon (cooked, crumbled) 4 eggs (beaten) ½ t. salt 1 dash ...
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Apple Pecan Pancakes

1 c. flour 2 T. brown sugar 2 t. baking powder ½ t. salt ½ t. cinnamon ¾ c. (plus 2 t.) milk 2 eggs ...
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