Delicious & Nutritious Pecan Recipes …

Find your favorite pecan recipes here from savory to sweet with easy steps to follow to create delicious and healthy meals, desserts or snacks.

Seasonal Pecan Recipes

Delicious seasonal pecan recipes for you and your family.  Pecans carry the American Heart Association “Heart Check” offering a healthy alternative for your meals, snacks and desserts.

Chef Inspired Pecan Recipes

Nationally renowned chefs created new pecan recipes. Going Beyond Pecan Pie these chefs share amazing recipes from salads to soups, to entrees and desserts.

Pecan Appetizers

Delicious pecan appetizer recipes. Everything from simple and easy to make to fancy and challenging. Lots of choices, so you decide!    

Pecan Salads

Browse new recipes for delicious hot and cold salads using pecans.

Pecan Entrees

Tasty entree recipes for any night of the week and any season using nutritious pecans.

Side Dishes Mixed with Pecans

Add crunchy goodness to side dishes mixed with pecans for a new twist to your recipe.

Dessert Topped with Pecans

Go ahead and indulge with desserts topped with pecans. Delicious, crunchy, nutritious pecans can be used in many satisfying desserts.

Breakfast + Pecans

A great way to start your day with luscious pecan breakfast recipes.