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Chefs, culinary professionals, technologists, retailers and food processors are recognizing pecans’ great taste, versatility and numerous health benefits. Pecans, loved for centuries for their sweet crunch and undeniable flavor, are an ideal ingredient for many foods. Using pecans as an ingredient can create a unique taste, texture and flavor experience – but pecans also play an important nutritional role, and studies show that eating pecans may help reduce the risk of some diseases. Plus, demand for pecans is increasing year-round.

Information Resources

Pecans can be used effectively in a variety of processed food applications. To learn more about how to improve everything from appetizers and salads to entrées and desserts, take a look at our “Perfect Performance With Pecans” guide to using pecans in processed foods. For more information on what to look for when buying pecans and how to keep them fresh, check out “Tips for Buying, Using and Storing Pecans.”

Pecans in Industry Publications

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Pecans and Genetically Modified Organisms

With all of the discussion today about genetic modification of crops, the National Pecan Shellers Association advises there are no pecans on the market that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

A pecan crop breeding expert working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, along with horticulturists at major universities in the Southeast and Southwest advise that no pecan trees in their orchards or labs contain GMOs. The genetic engineering of pecans is not a strategy being used in the development of pecan cultivars.

Reviewed by:

Dr. L.J. Grauke, USDA ARS Pecan Breeding & Genetics
Dr. Lenny Wells, pecan horticulturist, University of Georgia
Dr. Leo Lombardini, assistant professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University
Drafted by: Sue Taylor, R.D., National Pecan Shellers Association

Photo courtesy of the Georgia Pecan Commission