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Lowering Your Cholesterol Just Got a Whole Lot Tastier

September 6th, 2001 by Jennifer Stone

New Research Finds that Adding Just a Handful of Pecans to a Traditional Low-Fat Diet Can Dramatically Lower LDL Cholesterol – Similar to Cholesterol-Lowering Medication If you think eating a heart-healthy diet means you have to restrict yourself to bland, flavorless foods, think again. Delicious, satisfying foods like pecans may be just what the doctor […]

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Other Research Confirms A High-Fiber Diet, Including Nuts, Helps Lower Cholesterol Pecans contribute a significant amount of gamma tocopherol (a unique form of vitamin E) to the diet, say researchers at Loma Linda University. According to Loma Linda researcher Dr. Ella Haddad, gamma tocopherol is an important antioxidant nutrient and notes that studies have shown […]

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Pecans A Good Dietary Source of Vitamin E There’s more good news on the health front for pecans. A new study has found that foods which are good dietary sources of vitamin E – such as nuts, mayonnaise and margarine – may significantly decrease the risk of death from stroke. The research, reported in the […]

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Pecans, loved for centuries for their outstanding taste, should no longer be viewed as a holiday indulgence. These delicious nuts can add flavor, crunch, and texture to just about any meal or snack. Now, a study at New Mexico State University (NMSU) finds that pecans offer something even more important than great taste and versatility […]

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